Hi there. 

My best friends call me Scout. Maybe it’s because I’m a curious sort of human. Or because I’m terrible at turning around if there’s even possibly something exciting just around the bend. I grew up in Alaska, with educated hippie parents who practiced an ethos of social responsibility, environmentalism and adventure.

I like calling myself a light chaser, mostly because it makes me feel like I’m in a Star Wars movie. I’m in search of truth in my experiences, and the camera is my tool of choice for engagement with the world. I'm passionate about creating, building, and conspiring, which is why my projects encompass such a wide range—I like doing many things.    

I’ve filmed changemakers in Africa, ultrarunners in Chile, and suffer-experts doing all sorts of sketchy things from climbing runout lines to running through sub-zero temperatures across the Continental Divide. I once accidently started a spontaneous disaster relief organization that ended up doing a lot of good things with some really really good people. With my cohorts Alisa Geiser and Steph Sizemore I’ve helped to inspire thousands of parents with the Born Wild Project to get outside with their kids (and hopefully raise them to be good conservationists). I'm a good partner for the zombie apocalypse too—I was obsessed with survival skills as a kid and know a lot of random things as a result.

Running really far, mountain biking, snow on two planks or one and climbing are how I get my nature fix on. I like to stay kinetic.

You can see more of my work over at Ursa Major, a production collective I run with some high-quality people. I’m based in Portland with my fourteen-year-old dingo Babba Mikooey, but my bags don’t stay unpacked for long these days.



Clients past + present

SeaSchool Northwest | Little Secrets | Yeti Coolers | Merrell | Reno Tahoe Tourism | Thule | Access Fund | Chaco | Woolrich | Thermarest | Sunskis | Merrell | Osprey Packs | Honor the Treaties | The Moth | MunkPack | Fjallraven | Smartwool | Primus | Rumpl | Goretex  | New Era Colorado | City of Boulder | Seventh Generation | Marmot | Studio 6. | Kindara | Ignite Boulder | Cercone Brown Company | Active Junky | Plum TV | American Alpine Club | Chaos Threads | Squarefeet | Sparkshop | AESP | Active Junky | Amplifier Foundation | Walden Hyde

Say hello on the socials: @alynicklas pretty much everywhere. I'm friendly.